9/10 Elisabeth Zeuthen Schneider & Kristoffer Hyldig
söndag 9 oktober, 2016

Välkomna till oktobers konsert,

söndagen den 9 kl 18:00 i Almedalsbiblioteket.


Elisabeth Zeuthen Schneider (b. 1956) studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Music under professors Endre Wolf and Milan Vitek.
She also studied in the USA under, among others, Isidore Cohen (of the Beaux Arts Trio), Stanley Ritchie (baroque violinist, Indiana University, Bloomington) and Alexander Schneider (Budapest String Quartet).

For a number of years, Elisabeth Zeuthen Schneider was associate concertmaster of the Royal Danish Orchestra and the Danish National Symphony Orchestra.

Since 15 years Leader of Trinitatis Chamber Orchestra.

Elisabeth Zeuthen Schneider has appeared as soloist with Copenhagen Symphony Orchestra, Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, DR Symphonia, and Sonderborg Symphony Orchestra.

She now combines her performing career with her teaching post as associate professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

She has performed widely in Europe and the USA with pianist Ulrich Stærk and her Trio Corelli.


Kristoffer Nyholm Hyldig made his debut concert in 2010 from The Royal Danish Academy of Music with Professor Niklas Sivelöv and Tove Lønskov. For many years he has been very active in Danish music life and he frequently plays for music societies and at festivals both as a soloist, chamber musician and accompanist. In addition he gives concerts in Italy, Germany, Poland, France, England and Carnegie Hall, New York.

He has performed with orchestras conducted by among others Michael Schønwandt, Alexander Prior and Jean Thorel. In 2008 he performed Messiaen’s extensive piano work Vingt regards sur l’Enfant-Jésus and in 2014 Turangalîla Symphonie with The Royal Danish Orchestra conducted by Michael Boder. He also released recording of French and Danish songs, and solo as well as chamber music of Hindemith and Bent Sørensen.

Kristoffer has been awarded many prizes, including the Jury’s Special Prize in the EU piano competition in 2009, Jakob Gade Scholarship, Léonie Sonning Music Foundation Scholarship and recently the Danish Music Critics Reward. He has also taken part in several Zentropa produced movies both on soundtrack and on screen, and made recordings used in plays at The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen

Kvällens musikprogram bjuder på ett möte mellan Beethoven och nordiska tonsättare.


L. v. Beethoven: Sonate i F-dur opus 24 ”Forårssonaten”


Adagio molto espressivo

Rondo, Allegro ma non troppo

Tor Aulin: Fyra Akvareller (1866-1914)






Johannes Brahms: Scherzo

Robert Schumann: Romanze

L.v. Beethoven: Sonate i A-dur opus 30 nr. 1


Adagio molto espressivo

Allegretto con Variazioni

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